What Color is Your Faith?

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Couples who embrace an "active faith" are able to build marriages that serve their highest and best purpose.

Many people of faith think about their faith through a bimodal lens that suggest either we are people of faith or we are not people of faith. But, what if this belief is wrong?

What if within us there are two faiths—two faiths that battle for control of your marriage.

It isn’t that Christian marriages lack faith. Rather, it’s a question of which faith we feed.

There is no doubt that we have faith. But, sadly our faith lacks power– much like the words of St. Paul recorded in the ancient scripture, “having a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Timothy 3:5).

This passive or powerless faith is fed by the dark side of our sinfulness:

  • Selfishness — how does my faith help me achieve the things I want out of life and my marriage?

  • Rules – how does my faith reveal how good and pious I am?

  • Control – how can I use my position, power, scripture for control and manipulation?

  • Shame – how can I hide behind my faith so others don’t see my fears and insecurities?

But, there is another type of faith — an active faith that is fed by the light of Christ’s Spirit within us.

  • Selflessness — how does my faith position me to bless others, including my spouse?

  • Relationship — how does my faith show the depth of my care and compassion to my spouse?

  • Generosity – how much of myself can I give away so that Christ is glorified?

  • Transparency – how vulnerable can I be with my spouse?

The trajectory of your marriage is commensurate with the Faith that You Feed.

Our culture needs couples that feed the Christ-like side of our faith.

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