The Marriage Accountability Plan (MAP) is a detailed 53-page planning document for couples to use to develop a joint vision for their marriage in an easy-to-learn format that builds agreement in three pivotal areas (Spirituality, Steward, and Service).  Couples will discuss what it means to be "successful" in marriage and specific tactics to find a sense of wholeness that builds the marriage to its fullest potential. The Marriage Accountability Plan is a 'must have' resource for couples that desire to operate on one accord.


Chapter Outline

  • Chapter 1: Your Best and Highest Purpose
  • Chapter 2: The Planning Stool
  • Chapter 3: Set a Shared Vision
  • Chapter 4: Connect to Your Spirit (Spirituality)
  • Chapter 5: Sow in Fertile Soil (Stewardship)
  • Chapter 6: Find the Need (Service)
  • Chapter 7: Be Accountable to Others 
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion

The Marriage Accountability Plan

  • The Marriage Accountability Plan (MAP) is a digital document which is delivered in an easily accessible PDF format.